Our concept is based on the Traditional Khmer medical approach,
which focuses on maintaining a body balance
by using natural khmer herbs from Cambodia.

We then compound these materials using secret recipes from KRUKHMER,
Cambodian traditional healers and herbalists.

Our full range of treatments,
are based in natural spa products
to bring you luxurious and precious moments.

ethically made cosmetics

handmade from fresh organic materials in Cambodia

producing our products one by one by hands from plenty of herbs and minerals in Siem Reap, Cambodia

practice from the angkor dynasty

khmer traditional medicine

From the Khmer Empire's Angkor Dynasty (9th - 15th century AD), Khmer traditional medicine uses more than 800 herbs, animals and minerals in Cambodia combined with Indian and Chinese theories and practices.

IDEA from cambodian healing practice

the therapist called “kru khmer”

The therapist who acquired the therapy with experience and knowledge from old books that have been handed down from time to time is called “kru khmer”,
and theses practises are still rooted in the lives of Cambodian people.

spread to the world

deliver khmer wisdoms and nature on your life

we strive to express the amazing culture and overflowing natures in Cambodia through our products based on the krukhmer’s secret recipe.

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