(English) SPA KHMER menu – We are pre-opening on 4th April!

Siem Reap’s first garden Spa by kru khmer botanical co., ltd. opens on 21st April!



Special Pre-opening Offer!

In advance of our grand opening, SPA KHMER pre-opens on 4th April 2015!

Until the grand opening day on 21st April, we would like to offer you 50%OFF the entire spa menu.

Please let us know you saw this website on booking.





This is traditional Khmer medicine – inherited from the Angkor Dynasty.

Traditional doctors have long-established the utilization of hundreds of kinds of naturally-occurring herbs.

We, SPA KHMER, add essences from contemporary relaxation techniques and knowledge,

to further enhance its effect.

Our bespoke diagnosis will assist you to choose the therapy truly suited to you.

Here, you will feel the warmth, sounds and scents of the garden.

Leave your body and mind to the nature which surrounds you.

This is where you are “Released”.


a la carte

 1.              sugar palm ball massage – 70 minutes, 45 USD

– Massage for the whole body, without oil.

Using the traditional Cambodian medical theories; “Ball Massage” and “Koh Kıol” in this massage, you will be released from inner-muscle fatigue. This is particularly recommended for those who especially feel fatigue in the legs and shoulders, perhaps after extensive walking around temples.



2.              herbal aromatherapy massage – 70 minutes, 50 USD

– Massage for the whole body, using customized, warm oil.

The oil used is tailored to you with mixed local herbs. The scent and warmth of the oil will leave you released from stress, not only in your body, but also in your mind. This is recommended for those with stress or anxieties and is also good for skin troubles.



3.              herbal scrub & herbal steam sauna “chupong” – 60 minutes, 50 USD

– Package of scrub massage for the whole body and a Khmer traditional herbal steam sauna “Chupong”

This traditional sauna is becoming more well-known among tourists. We have found that if it is combined with a scrub massage, it aids with detoxing, leaving you feeling refreshed in mind and body and with smooth and clean skin.



4.               herbal body & hair wrap – 60 minutes, 50 USD

– Wrapping for the whole body and the hair In Cambodia, the shining black hair and smooth skin are representative of the Khmer beauty. Their secret is the local herbs and coconuts and now you can try it for yourself. This is recommended for those with sunburned skin and sun-damaged hair.



5.              full leg massage with tamarind oil – 60 minutes, 40 USD

– Massage for entire legs from waist to toe, utilizing Tamarind Oil.

Legs are known as ‘the second heart’ as they have many important functions. We use reflexology to stimulate the whole body through the pressure points on the soles of the feet. We use Tamarind Oil to help decompose lactic acid, and so cleansing the system of toxins and improving blood circulation, as well as supporting your body’s own healing potential. This is recommended for anyone with tired or swollen legs.


 1.  detox special – a short trip in garden – 90 minutes, 55 USD

–                 khmer traditional herbal steam sauna “chupong” – 20min

–                 sugar palm ball massage or herbal aromatherapy massage – 70min

You’ll experience the Khmer traditional herbal steam sauna “Chupong”, customized by brewing herbs selected for you individually. Chupong leaves you with improved blood circulation, helping your body recover from exhaustion and keeping your skin healthy. Additionally, you will feel the effects of the massage for longer.


  1. detox special – 2 hours in garden – 120 minutes, 69 USD

–                khmer traditional herbal steam sauna “chupong” – 20 min

–                herbal aromatherapy massage – 70 min

–                herbal body scrub – 30 min

You will receive the steam sauna “Chupong” as well as the long aromatherapy massage, followed by a herbal scrub. All made from local ingredients selected for you individually. This is a deep-cleansing treatment, leaving you feeling refreshed and detoxified on the inside and out.


  1. detox special – a half-day trip in garden – 180 minutes, 105 USD

–                herbal steam sauna “chupong” – 20 min

–                tea break with homemade herbal tea – 10 min

–                herbal body scrub – 30 min

–                herbal aromatherapy massage – 70 min

–                herbal body & hair wrap – 20 min

All these treatments are tailor-made for you individually, using customized “Chupong” herb sets; massage oils; scrubs and wrapping. Release the stress deep inside of your body and mind and replenish any lacking elements. Based on traditional Cambodian medical theory, the fresh local herbs will help you regain power and energy, as well as beautiful skin and an invigorated passion for life.


* 10%VAT is not included in above price.

* Special thanks to Chris Lawlor who was very nice&kind traveling translator from UK.