Handmade from fresh organic materials in Cambodia

Khmer traditional medicine

From the Khmer Empire's Angkor Dynasty (9th - 15th century AD), Khmer traditional medicine uses more than 800 herbs, animals and minerals in Cambodia combined with Indian and Chinese theories and practices.

The therapist “kru khmer”

The therapist who acquired the therapy with experience and knowledge from old books that have been handed down from time to time is called “kru khmer”, And theses practises are still rooted in the lives of Cambodian people.

Our products contain khmer widsoms

We make body care products based on the krukhmer’s secret recipe with its long experience and wisdoms. Our products contain plenty of herbs and minerals.

Handmade one by one in the workshop

That are sourced one by one by hands in Siem Reap and deliver to everyone every day.

Making Process

herbal bath tea


Let’s get to know about Cambodian herbs!

The fresh citrus scent repels bugs. However it also provides a natural antibacterial and pore cleansing effect.

Has a variety of benefits such as, strengthens the follicles of the hair,repairs damaged skin so on.

Has a powerful romantic scent and deep cleaning properties.

Known to warm and stimulate the blood flow, it also purifies brightens of skin.

One of the popular herbs used in Chupon for its detoxify effect and relaxing scent.