Our concept is based on the Traditional Khmer medical approach,which focuses on maintaining a body balance
by using natural khmer herbs from Cambodia.
We then compound these materials using secret recipes from KRUKHMER, Cambodian traditional healers and herbalists. Our full range of treatments, are based in natural spa products to bring you luxurious and precious moments.


We are storyteller

We want to be a bridge between customer and producers in Cambodia by our hand-made products.

We are creator

We are not just a maker in Cambodia, we continue to be a pioneer of new market in this world.

We are dreamweaver

We weave many dreams of our producer, our staff and our customer slowly but surely.

kru khmer story

From the Khmer Empire's Angkor Dynasty (9th - 15th century AD),
Khmer traditional medicine uses more than 800 herbs, animals and minerals in Cambodia
combined with Indian and Chinese theories and practices.
The therapist who acquired the therapy with experience and knowledge
from old books that have been handed down from time to time is called “kru khmer”,
And theses practises are still rooted in the lives of Cambodian people.
We make body care products based on the krukhmer’s secret recipe with its long experience and wisdoms.
Our products contain plenty of herbs and minerals.
That are sourced one by one by hands in Siem Reap and deliver to everyone every day.

Kru Khmer Botanical Co., Ltd

Chihiro Shinoda

I visited Cambodia for the first time in 2004. I was shocked by the Cambodian people who lived happily. And always present lively smiles and a warm welcome regardless of the poverty. This blissful attitude drew me to continue to visit Cambodia repeatedly. I wanted to produce something that would convey the culture of Cambodia, I determined I would create a company in this region, working with Fair Trade, to produce something that would convey the culture of Cambodia. The first product "Herbal Bath Tea", I encountered by accident. Taking a steam sauna using medicinal herbs called ‘Chu Pong’ provided the inspiration for this. The skin is totally cleansed and the fragrance of the herbs has great healing qualities. It is still one of our most popular products today. From the inception of Kru Khmer Botanical Co., Ltd in the summer of 2009 we have continued to spread the wonders of traditional Khmer medicinal herbs.