Recruit – internship student –

Since 2010, krukhmer continues to work in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

For this fiscal year, we are looking for an internship store management company at our directly managed store (krukhmer directly managed store, Spa Khmer).

The acceptance of intern students is the desire to create a place where a representative Ms.Shinoda can have a tough, warm, lifetime experience that I think is “I could grow if I had such an organisation” I knew it I was younger.

So, do you call me the eldest daughter nature,

Although it is strictly said from the old mind, it is strict, but I am pleased if you can come and join us in such a high conscious aware person who is seeking such an environment.


◆ Recommended for this person

· Students who are planning to take a leave of absence for more than 6 months or 1 year,

· Person who in in preparation for starting own business!


◆ Required personnel image:

· One who can sympathise with mission, vision, value of krukhmer and strive towards it

· English in daily conversation level

· Being passive, active people who can actively move on their own

· High awareness of contribution to teams and organisations

· Higher motivation for growth and purpose consciousness


◆ Skills to acquire:

· Fundamental ability of social workers (mail, telephone correspondence, planning preparation etc.)

· Language skill

· Communication skill (From students who can not read letters to university graduates, while communicating with people with various backgrounds, you will acquire ‘communicate’ communication skills)


  • Conditions

· Visa and work permission are provided

· Lunch is provided (Local staff make for all staff everyday)

· $300/month Plus Bonus depend on performance & sales (Actual payed on 2017, $350-$450/M)

Please send Email to with  PDF attachment of CV and Statement of purpose