kru khmer Story 私たちのこと

Kru Khmer Botanical. co. ltd started in a country village located in 5 km from Angkor Wat,
world heritage in Cambodia in summer 2009.


I hope more people to know Cambodian gorgeous goods.
I hope to create something that let Cambodian be proud of themselves and their culture.
I hope to give job opportunity to young Cambodians that triggers to change their life.
I hope to make new industry together with many poor farmers.


Kru Khmer project has begun with these hopes.

We have a young Japanese female president and 5 young Khmer staffs. We are working together to achieve our hope.

Our workshop is in 5 minutes from Angkor Wat by car!From Siem Reap city, it takes 10 minues.


Please come and visit us!

About our workshop, please refer to here

Kru Khmer People

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